My own favourite ice cream memory is from when my family first moved to Australia. I was six and I was told when we landed in Australia there would be kangaroos everywhere! I expected to see them in the streets jumping among the people. We had just gotten off the plane at Brisbane Airport, made the long trip through customs and hit the highway towards the Sunshine Coast where we would stay with a relative. Of course there were no kangaroos on the Bruce Highway and I was devastated. We pulled off the highway to a service station about half-way to the coast and ambled out of the car, stretching our legs after what felt like days sitting down. I was handed a strange dollar bill and told to go pick an ice cream from the ice box inside the service station. All the new flavours and packaging was amazing – I’d never seen any of these ice creams before and my eyes were wide as I took an eternity to pick which one to try. I went with a choc malt Choc Wedge. It was delicious. The disappointment of not seeing kangaroos everywhere I turned was indeed overcome by ice cream.

The service station on the highway is still there, overshadowed by the larger chain service stations and they’ve built a K-Mart in the old truck parking lot, however I distinctly remember that moment when I was six every time I drive past.

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